Frequently asked questions
1. What is mixing and mastering?

Mixing is a process of putting together your recorded instrument tracks, so they would create a picture and one instrument would not conflict with or overlap the other. I believe that every instrument has a purpose and, if recorded, should be heard clearly and precisely.
Mastering is a process of finalizing and enhancing the overall mix, making it sound clear, loud (if necessary) and acceptable by modern standards. And, if you are mastering an album, setting up the same volume levels for all of the songs, so one song would not be louder than the other and so on.

2. What genres of music do you work with?

Most of the time I happen to work with various kind of metal (metalcore, black metal, hardcore, death metal …), rock music, shoegaze / dream pop, neoclassical, post-rock and various styles of ambient. But don't hesitate to send your stems if you have a different genre - the preview of full mixing and mastering is free of charge and you have nothing to lose.

3. What type of mastering you can do?

I do digital mastering only. The mastered tracks are always CD/radio ready. Upon request, I do mastering for iTunes or any other digital service, mastering for a cassette tape or vinyl. All these types of mastering are included in the base price, you just need to let me know if you want these along with a regular CD master.

4. What will I receive?

After the work is finished, you will receive WAV-file(s) back. These files won't need any further editing from your side and can be burned straight onto audio CD or uploaded to Bandcamp, for example. Stems of the mixed song can be obtained for an additional payment only. I do not share DAW project files or settings.

5. Why such low prices? What's the catch?

There is no catch at all. Nekkomix offers exactly the same high quality of work as other top notch online studios out there.
The reason behind this is simple. Music is my passion and hobby for many years. I'm having a good time writing and editing it, and I'm setting low price range just because I'm able to. At the moment I have enough free time to work on music. I'm a musician myself and I know how it is hard to write music, and what it takes to mix and master it later. This is the process I learned all by myself throughout many years.
Of course, as this business grows, I will eventually rise the prices - so be quick :)
If you are still unsure, I also make a free preview of mixing/mastering work, so don't hesitate to send me your stems.

6. Why should I work with you?

I'm working with music since 2010. Since that time I've been composing music of my own (in very different genres like atmospheric black metal, post-rock, shoegaze, ambient, neoclassical, metalcore and many more). I always recorded, mixed and mastered it by myself. So, by now, I have enough experience to not only know how to mix it technically, but also "feel" the sound. 
I offer this experience to help you and make your music shine.

7. Do you accept suggestions from the artist?

Of course. I will be working with you until you 100% satisfied with the mix. If you need to change a guitar tone, or kick/snare sample for example, I will consider all suggestions. By that said, I mean revisions are unlimited, but only meaningful and reasonable changes. Please don't overuse this :)

8. How exactly do you work?

1) Send me your WAV-file (for mastering) or WAV-files of every instrument (for mixing/mastering);
2) I will do a preview of around a half (but not longer than 1,5 mins) of the song fully mixed/mastered in mp3 format (free of charge). Please mind that I do only two previews: one preview as I feel it, second one if you have suggestions;
3) If you like what you hear, we discuss the amount of work and what exactly needs to be done;
4) After the payment is completed, you can send your files and I'll begin to do my magic. Please mind that I'm working only on what was already paid for (or I will work on it anyway, but completed files won't be sent to you until payment). I accept payments via PayPal only.

The process will take about 1-2 weeks to work on a full album, and a few days to work on one track. Mastering only - two times faster.

9. Do you do composing?

No. I do only mixing/mastering. I don't do arrangements or composing.

Additional info:

• I accept only wav/midi files. Do not send the project files of your DAW. Export WAV files of every instrument and MIDI file of an instrument if you need me to produce it.
• Stems of a mixed song can be obtained with a price of 5 USD per song.
• When sending an album, please put stems for each song in separated folder (f.e. song1, song2 and so on). Each stem should start from 00:00 position of the song. Don't forget to tell me the tempo(s).